Hello, Vacation (Teachers Are Human)

December 19, 2013

Tomorrow is the last day of work for two weeks and I am stoked. You see, despite generally liking my job, I’m pretty sick of it right now and am ready for a break.

OH NOES! A teacher just admitted to not liking his job every day. I guess I should be fired now.

I tend to insulate myself from the “teachers must be perfect” nonsense, but Cate, for some reason, has run across a fair bit of it lately, and I thought I’d write a little post about how stupid that is. Ready? Here it is:

Very. That is very stupid.

You see, dear reader, much like you, I have many faces. There is work face. There is dad face. There is husband face. There is writer face. All of these are part of who I am, but some are farther from the truth than others (husband face is certainly closest to the truth). Work face Jason (usually) keeps his cool and doesn’t yell too much and rolls with the punches. Husband face Jason often rants to his wife about how he can’t believe how much griping he has heard about some absurdly easy assignment. That same Jason also will admit that he doesn’t like all of his students the same amount (though all versions of me try very hard to not show favoritism).

This is called being human. I run into very few people who think I should be perfect all the time and love all children. But they exist. There are people out there who think that if a teacher complains about a student, then that is a bad teacher.

Let me ask you something? Do you have kids? Ever complain about them? Are you a bad parent?

You see, kids can be aggravating. They can be especially aggravating when they are someone else’s and you don’t have the power to take away their phone and lock them in a room until they finish their homework. I know this is part of the job and usually I can deal, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to be irritated sometimes. Everyone gets irritated by things they generally like from time to time. So, if you ever hear of a teacher griping about students and you feel compelled to jump on them, just don’t. Unless, of course, you never complain about your job or your children. Then I guess you probably need to let everyone know how it is you manage to be so perfect.

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