Boy, have I been neglecting this blog lately. Only one post this month, and that was a cheap one. What can I say? This month has been insane. For one, it’s been the last month of the school year. In the past, that’s been kind of relieving, but this year, I don’t know. Somehow, I ended up doing a bunch of stuff I hadn’t done before and this necessitated planning.

A bigger issue is that it seems as though Cate and I will be buying a house very soon. We have an offer in on a place now, and we’re pretty confident things will work out. So, that’s been stressful. We’ve been driving all over creation looking at houses and planning for a move and trying to rent our apartment to make sure we get out of the lease with our super awesome (sarcasm) landlord.

And then, you know, there’s the kid. Simone is pretty wonderful, but she has started deciding she needs more room to sleep at night, which means that when she does end up in our bed, she kicks. Oh, and she’s been teething.

So, yeah, I’m tired, and I need some time off to get my thoughts in order. I guess that’s all I’m trying to say. Still, I have managed to get at least a bit of writing done. Shortly, I’m going to tally up what I’ve written just to hold myself accountable to the goals I wrote here at the beginning of the year.

This has been a house-cleaning post of sorts, but there is more coming. Shortly, I’ll have a review of the school year and some thoughts on my continuance in the professions. This was an interesting year for me, and I think I’ve got a fair bit to say. Around the same time, there will be a summer goals post. We’ll be moving, but there’s still stuff I want to get done. Also, I am going to write a post about science-literacy that has been percolating pretty much all month, but that I just haven’t had the energy for. I’m sure there will also be posts about moving/house buying/whatever. The point, I guess, is to let the 3.7 people who read this blog know that I haven’t vanished and that more is coming soon.

Stay tuned.