When the Sparrow Sings

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Zack Hiatt is the thoughtful and articulate ace pitcher of a team headed to the World Series. It’s everything he ever dreamed of. At least, it should be. Days before the biggest game of his life, Zack’s father – the man who taught him all about baseball and molded him into a major leaguer – dies in a car accident.

When the Sparrow Sings follows Zack as he prepares for and pitches in his first World Series game amid a swirl of grief, resentment, and controversy. Told from the pitcher’s perspective, we learn how Zack thinks and feels not just about his father, but about his teammates, the press, and the fans.

Though it may have seemed simple and idyllic on the outside, Zack’s relationship with his father was often difficult. Always trying to push his son, Richard Hiatt often seemed to want his son to be a ballplayer more than he wanted anything else. Maybe even more than Zack wanted it. And so, as Zack takes the ball, his mind is awash in confusion. Does he want to be here? Should he want to be here? Is he making his own choice or is there even a choice to make? And, most importantly to those watching him, how will he pitch?

When the Sparrow SingsĀ is currently being published by The Hardball Times. Brilliant illustrations are being provided by Brooke Howell (including the header you see above).