Why I Voted for Jill Stein

November 8, 2012

I am thrilled to death that Barack Obama won reelection this week. I did not, however, vote for him. Here are five reasons why:

1. My vote is irrelevant. I live in Kentucky. Kentucky was going to Mitt Romney. In fact, for the second election in a row, it was the first state called for the Republicans. It doesn’t hurt that I felt pretty certain Obama was going to win.

2. Climate change. Obama is certainly no Romney (he’s not trying to build a giant pipeline, for instance), but I am extremely worried about climate change. The shit is hitting the fan on that as we speak and the US has pretty much done nothing. Republicans are so in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry it’s hard to blame Democrats too much, but this needs to be an issue. Nothing showed that like the monster storm that wrecked the East Coast last week. My kids are going to grow up dealing with this and it’s going to be a mess and I’d really appreciate it if my government could maybe, kind of spend some time worrying about it (if you are still denying climate change and man’s role therein, please pull your head out of your ass and go read a study that wasn’t sponsored by Exxon).

3. Women’s rights. President Obama’s administration decided young women under 17 need a prescription if they want to buy Plan B because otherwise they might abuse it or something. First, Plan B is freaking expensive. Second, Tylenol is more harmful in large quantities. Third, pander much? Once the Democratic party realized they needed women, they snapped back in line pretty quickly, but this was an egregious slap in the face and stunk of the idea that parents should have paternalistic control of their daughter’s virginity.

4. Civil liberties. If the government decides you have aided Al-Qaeda (and their latitude here is wide) they can lock you up forever without trial. This is not a good thing. At least, not if you believe in fair trials and due process. Those things, for the record, are part of the Constitution.

5. I am not a puppet. For most of the last four years, the Democratic party has been griping about the base and taking us for granted. I have my limits. If a party is going to so separate itself from some of my most basic values while pandering to people whose values are antithetical to mine at the same time, I am forced to conclude that this is not a party that wants m vote.

Democrats do seem to be getting the message that a lot of liberal policies (a woman’s right to choose, gay marriage, etc.) are actually pretty popular. There’s a good chance they’ll get my vote back next time, but they need to show me that they care before it’s the 23rd hour of the next campaign.

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  1. Justin Dohoney said

    Great reasons. One of the best way to “not throw your vote away” by voting for a 3rd party candidate is to vote for them in a very red or very blue state. And I completely agree on climate change. Not to mention that even some of the freakin’ oil company sponsored studies accept climate change. WTF right America?!?!

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